Real Estate

When you purchase property and are looking to transfer the deed of the property from the previous owner to yourself, you are entering into a complex legal transaction. While on the surface deed transfer and other aspects of real estate law may seem simple, these transactions have a number of potential pitfalls that could be costly. For that reason, you may want to enlist the services of an attorney to assist with your real estate and deed transfer needs. Joyce Brown, Esq., offers the services of a skilled, knowledgeable real estate attorney who can assist you in transferring your deed properly and legally.

Types of Deeds

The deed on a piece of real estate is the document that shows the ownership of the property. It will show who the buyer and seller, grantee and grantor respectively, of the property are and serves as a legal proof that the sale is complete. Deed transfers fall into two basic categories.

A warranty deed transfers ownership and guarantees that the seller has the title, and therefore the right to transfer the property’s deed. In instances where the seller cannot or does not want to make this promise, a quitclaim deed is used. This transfers ownership interest without promising that the seller has the title and the right to do so. Warranty deeds are commonly used in sales of properties between strangers, while quitclaim deeds are used when title problems exist, such as when property is divided during a divorce or when a property’s title has to transfer between family members or close friends.

Personal Legal Services from a Knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney

When you are buying, selling or transferring a property, you need to know that titles are free and clear and the transaction is handled within the bounds of the law. Title problems from poorly handled transactions can create a lifetime of concern. Joyce Brown, Esq., is here to assist.

Joyce Brown, Esq., offers the services of a knowledgeable real estate attorney who is passionate about helping her clients understand the legal process. She takes the time to break down the process and the complex legal terms surrounding your real estate transaction so you can understand what is happening. She will also assist you in completing all necessary paperwork, so you can file your deed transfer without a hitch. If you have a pending real estate transaction or a question about your title, contact Joyce Brown, Esq., today.